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Chief Executive Officer

Hardworking, Dedicated, and Altruistic. The Founder of Walk A Mile N Our Shoes and Dif-fer-ent. Professional Basketball Player. Masters and the list goes on. Nothing can stop this man and every obstacle presents him with a new opportunity.


Chief Operations Officer

Shawn Hawkins is a man of many talents and the backbone of this organization. This man has put helping others above all for nearly his entire life. He speaks through action, leads by example, and is a beacon of positivity and understanding. Shawn always puts his entire being into the work ahead and has done so with Walk A Mile in every way.



Chief Technology Officer

Technical connoisseur, the man usually behind the scenes of the operations but equally as essential. This man has been a part of the operations since day 2. Responsible for the technical aspects of the organization.


Community Outreach Liaison

WalkAMileNOurShoes has changed my life in a multitude of ways but to name a few it has strengthened my faith, increased my devotion to making change, and aided in the excitement of getting as many people involved as we can.  You never know the struggles someone has faced until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes, and although we may never, we can help make the journey a little less turbulent.. I believe everyone can make a difference in their own way in this organization.  Whether you are donating shoes, time, money, food or mentioning our online platforms we greatly appreciate all the support. Knowing that all things are possible with love and effort, Walkamilenourshoes is committed to fostering change and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of that journey.

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