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Accolades and Articles involving WalkAMile

Eugene Campbell III knows what it's like to be overlooked. Campbell, who grew up in Jersey City, has felt that way throughout his basketball career, which really began when he failed to make the team at East Brunswick Vocational Technical School as a freshman. But Campbell worked tirelessly to make the cut as a sophomore, walked on at Middlesex County College, and transferred to Division III New Jersey City University, where basketball helped him earn a master's in educational psychology, one of three degrees. Now 27, Campbell plays professionally... READ MORE

This world is full of multiple talented entrepreneurs, businessmen, sportsmen, and service providers. Seldom do we come across one individual who is involved in multiple niches at once. But Eugene Campbell III an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and basketball player from New Jersey have proven that we can own a business, practice every day to perfect a sport, and still have enough time to think about our community and give back to it... READ MORE

Born and brought up in New Jersey, Eugene Campbell III is a pro basketball player playing internationally as part of the Tunisia Pro A league Union Sportive El Ansar. However, he wasn't always capable of holding such high ranks. Indeed, Eugene Campbell has fought his way to the top, facing rejection such as being cut from his high school team and even facing a lack of opportunities to play basketball till he joined New Jersey City University for a master's in psychology... READ MORE

Basketball players need to be tall. And strong. And fast. To excel at a dynamic game that requires moving the ball at high speeds, changing directions swiftly to attack and defend, and enduring 48 minutes of play per game, players undergo intense training and conditioning. Many athletes and sportsmen now train hard every day to enter mainstream sports and play professional representing their country or club. Basketball is one of the most popular sports around the globe... READ MORE

Eugene Campbell III or simply call 'Eugene' is an extremely talented American athlete who is best known for his ability to score high in basketball. He has been in love with basketball since childhood. He has become one of the most seek and sought-after basketball professionals in the country and has received many awards and accolades... READ MORE

It is so astounding to learn about all those individuals and professionals who, instead of waiting for opportunities to reach them, go out of their way to create opportunities for themselves. It is necessary today to hold more talks around these individuals whose success stories have the power to imbue more hope and positivity in others, ultimately motivating and inspiring budding talents worldwide. We couldn't help but notice how Eugene Campbell made his way to the top of the world of basketball in the US, but did he achieve all this overnight? ... READ MORE

Eugene Campbell III, a basketball player, business owner, and philanthropist was born in New Jersey. He is the founder of the non-profit organization "Walk A Mile N Our Shoes", the owner of the clothing line "dif-fer-ent" and a brand ambassador for companies that share his values. On and off the field, his recent amazing performance in a basketball game in Portugal shocked everyone. On social media, short films of his incredible dumps have gone viral. It isn't the first time, through. The athlete delivered several jaw-dropping spills that went viral... READ MORE

Live Session with Eugene Campbell III, an international basketball star currently playing in Portugal for Montijo and smashing the competition with 36-point sniper sessions during the playoffs!!! This Jersey kid is living his dream and following the path determined for his wasn't easy to get there but look at what's working for him by following the path he knew in his heart was his destiny!... READ MORE

For many people, philanthropy and giving back to society is their way of helping the world that has given them the opportunity to thrive better. Eugene Campbell III experienced firsthand the rigors of living in a difficult environment, and despite coming from a loving family, he felt the pangs of a world that was ready to tear anyone apart. Thus, upon growing into a successful basketball player, he has committed himself to giving back to his community... READ MORE

Black History Month is a time to celebrate and honor those who stood strong in the face of life's harshest circumstances and risked everything to park change for themselves and others. Acknowledging the triumphs of black people is also to acknowledge the barriers that are often unique to the black experience. Being black and successful usually means having to endure, overcome, and persevere in pursuit of a dream, and a black man, an athlete, and an entrepreneur... READ MORE

My name is Eugene Campbell III. I am a third named after my father and grandfather. I have a sister and two lovely parents Kim and Eugene Campbell Jr. I am a college graduate from New Jersey City University. I have three degrees including an Associate, Bachelor, and Master's degree in psychology. I own a nonprofit organization called walkamilenourshoes in which we hand deliver shoes, clothes, and essential needs to those in need all over the world. ... READ MORE

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